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There's no God above
There's only love
Linking all that is
Propagating bliss

A towering, creaking structure collapses into dust
The atoms won't be wasted, all things in some form last
An ominous, obsolete structure crumbles down into dust
The atoms won't be wasted, all things in some form last

The apparatus exists
So why desist?
We were designed
To lie entwined

Molecules listen
A mistake must be undone
Don't be a prison
The jailers and the jailed are one

Molecules let the links between you be broken


Can't feel my way down
My mood is unbound
The room fades like sounds
And I just can't be found

I am in the air, my breath sweeps me up there
The world, so far down below, is mere clutter
I spin the world and fly it around the sun
If my concentration broke it would be bad for everyone

I lost my toys
My sorrows and joys
The sky got destroyed
It petered out into the void

Crashing through the universe I find it empty
If I am thinking this then is that distant speck me?
When there's nothing to illuminate is a light even there?
Pitch blackness huddled up around its glare


Eyes behind the wall
See every detail
Zero in on skin
Count sweat beads and blinks

Been in here so long daylight would seem mystical
If you left all life would die and the sky would fall

Constant measurement
Ascertains your thoughts
Incorrect results
Trigger penalties

Are they aware
You know they're there?

Vast resources spent
Your condition must
Be critical to
The safety of all


No air to breathe, no solid ground, no sense in anything
Then the panic peaks and you're back here in this threadbare room
How can your life continue when it has lost all meaning?
Bits of your world splayed all about like fragments of your skull

You were an elite member of an organisation
Pledged to transform the squalid nature of life here on earth
Such toil and sacrifice in pursuit of fine, pure ideals
Only to find files that show it's all a fantastic con

You are in hiding
They won't let you go

Their thoughts fill your head
Your own crowded out
Neither their world or yours habitable

They measured your mental excitement as you recounted memories
Strove to free yourself from the life of trauma you knew before you joined
You failed to become serene and they recorded your disclosures
So now they're sure to have people posted everywhere you'd think to go
Ready to abduct you and enfold your mind in fantasy once more
You gave years of your life, they want the rest, beneath your fear there is rage


If everyone died at the same time
Would that be so very tragic?
If we knew the moment loomed
Would we be filled with doom?
Or would life seem more vivid?
Searing beauty everywhere
Senses ravenous, each breath wondrous
The pounding of our hearts thunderous

So come colossal asteroid
Hurtling out of the void
Our bodies ache to be destroyed
We scan the skies with telescopes
Barely daring to hope
Our spirits eager to elope

The preciousness of life
Would be impossible to ignore
We'd discover we were more than
Memories and thoughts patterns
The extinction of humanity
Would be a mere detail
Once we were aware of who we are
Beyond thought, beyond matter


Another collision in your head
Vehicles spin, flip, fly in your head
Metal mangled in your head
Paralysed passengers in your head

Searing fear takes you out of here
You are nowhere, can not reappear
Bits of your thoughts are scattered across
Dim and distant realms, will they stay lost?


For unlawful carnal knowledge
Brimming with desire
Holy fire
In a cell
Awaiting Hell
And all is well


Weird in bed
Lonely with you
Weight in our eyes
You believe my lies
As I drain you dry

Hooked on confinement
Designing new mind games
Fake affection
No connection
I am your affliction

We should be apart
Don't you care about your heart?
Your eyes are frost
Can't you see what you've lost?
Reduced to this
Bound by cowardice
Remember the days
We set each other ablaze?

Such potency
The first line moved me
More than the rest of the story

Sucked back in
The same tired refrain
Lust smoulders
You cling to my cold shoulder
Feels like murder

Do you recall
The first night we shared?
We overcame our separateness
Such vividness
We were weightless

The first line
Was perfect
Was sublime
Had potency
This should be
The last line


Tamara looks like a drag queen
Her window overlooks the graveyard
Where she had her first taste of fun
With a PVC clad former nun

Tamara takes her baths on the roof
Gazes at the sky until she's weightless
Her appetites are incessant
She calls hesitation imprisonment

Our stilted town needs a shake up
Like boys in the seventies needed make up
Like sunshine wakes you up
Everyone wants to settle down young and be dutiful
She calls such buttoned up love pitiful
I'm happy to be one of several

Tamara overloads many minds
In your face and other places
The townsfolk hate to see her thrive
They call her depraved she calls them deprived

Tamara says fun is serious
It detracts from the reduction
Of each part of our culture
To its lowest common denominator

Our tawdry town needs a shake up
Like boys in the eighties needed make up
Like icy water wakes you up
Everyone wants to settle down young and be dutiful
She finds too many people beautiful
An omnivore amongst the cattle